Some Things to Know About Indonesia

In preparation for your trip to Indonesia, we would like to let you know some points which would be useful to you:

Climate: The high tourist season commences from September until March. The monsoon season begins to recede from the last week of September and we are the start of the cool season. We advisable to carry light warm clothing.

Credit Cards: For financial transactions it will be recommended to carry efficient cash in USD as many places do not accept credit cards except for international hotels.

Local Currency: Local currency can be obtained at Foreign Exchange counter located at the Yangon International Airport, exchange facilities an also available at some designated banks in the city. Banking hours are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Upon request the company will be pleased to assist in anyway the local currency for you.

Health: You should take appropriate anti-malarial precaution before entering the country. Please bring anti diarrhea tablets in case you need them. Avoid eating food at the road stalls. Tap water is not potable. Clean water bottles are available here.

Telecommunications (IDD): Upon request, for the convenience of communication, we are able to provide both handsets and simm card inclusive of service charges. Internet moves at a snails pace.

Electricity: The current electricity voltage at 220-230 Volts, 50 hertz AC.

Safety and Security: Secure is reliability face of crime however, for your own safety and security it is advisable not to wonder around late at night

Transportation: For transportation purpose taxis are easily available we suggest that you check for the fare before service.

Entertainment and Nightlife: Myanmar’s nightlife is rather quiet aside from local establishment in the larger cities such as Mandalay and Yangon who offer a variety of pubs and dance clubs. However, karaoke bars can be found pretty much all over the place. Due to government regulations most music played in public is Burmese. Large hotels in major city centers such as Yangon and Mandalay offer various forms of entertainment for guests including bars and karaoke. In some cases there are special dance performances in hotels and other establishments performed by local artist and musicians. There is also a wide variety of movies available to watch in Myanmar at local cinemas as well as puppet shows. Popular nightclubs in Yangon nowadays are BME Entertainment. Pioneer, DJ Bar and Yangon Bar .Kandawgyi is a particularly fun place to spend some time in Yangon if you are looking for some local nighttime excitement. The restaurant in this area regularly host local performers who put on plays, play music or dance to traditional Burmese sounds while you eat.

Visa: Visitors traveling to Myanmar are required to have a valid passport which is valid for at least six months prior to date Myanmar. Upon Request, we will assist you Myanmar Tourist Visa On Arrival (MTVOA) for any nationalities (except Nigerian citizens). With our MTVOA you can stay 28 days in Myanmar. We will take 3 weeks processing time from Yangon, Myanmar. The validity of this MTVOA will be 1 month starting from the fly in date you will have given on the MTVOA application